We offer started puppies for families who do not want the rigorous schedule of an 8 week puppy.  Work full time but still would like to add a family member to your pack?   See Isaac's bio to see his qualifications for training your new pup! After training, hire Isaac to walk your dog and mini training sessions usually accompany it!

Training and Dog Walking

Puppy Transition

Would you like for your puppy to transition from the pack at our place?  We will do the long first nights of crate training and night time potty breaks for you.  A great way to ease the transition from litter mates to going solo...in a familiar environment.

  • $75.00/night 
  • $490.00/week

4 week basic training

Done correctly, a new puppy is a full time job not only requiring consistent training but companionship-dogs are pack animals.  Many people want to add a dog to their family but must work!  We will keep the puppy in our home and raise it as we would our own!

  • crate train
  • potty train
  • ample socialization
  • work to extinguish resource guarding
  • begin loose leash walking
  • basic commands
  • start "settle" or "place"
  • appropriate vaccinations and deworming
  • $500.00/week
  • Owner education on our methods at pick up.  Please plan to spend 1-3 hours with us
  • One in home training session as a follow up

8 week intermediate training

As I mention over and over, yes a broken record....you get the absolute most bang for your training buck from birth to 16 weeks.  We start the process for you in the first 8 weeks and then pass the baton.  If you prefer we keep your pup to reinforce, expand and polish the skills learned in our 4 week basic training, we are happy to do it!  

  • Will have completed vaccinations and be ready for the world!
  • $500.00/week
  • Owner education on our methods at pick up.  Please plan to spend 1-3 hours with us
  • One in home training session as a follow up

Private in home puppy preparation and transition

If you live locally and would like us to come to your home to help create safe puppy areas and  ground rules we would love to help!

Private Training Sessions

Assessment and discussion of areas that need improvement.  Remember, the earlier you identify and learn to teach your pup the correct behaviors the more successful you and your puppy will be.  We think it should be called team training not puppy training!

  • $75.00/hour 
  • $60.00/hour if your pup is a VOM alumni
  • $60.00/hour for rescue pups/dogs 

Dog Walking

We can walk your dog in your neighborhood or if your dog has a favorite place let us know!!

  • $30.00/30 minutes
  • $45.00/60 minutes