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Updated July 20, 2019

Updated July 20, 2019

Please take a moment to look around our site.  If you have questions ask!!!!  


Please take a moment to look around our site.  If you have questions ask!!!!  

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Current Litters


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Who will be our next magical pair?

See who will be our next magical pair....

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What makes our program different?


We have joined a BS in Cynology and a MD to choose, breed, whelp and train the best possible puppies!

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Past Puppy Pictures


See what our pups have grown into! 

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Ultimate Puppy


We take puppy socialization and training very seriously.  We believe it keeps dogs out of shelters.  We spend countless hours with each puppy to do our part in their development and want you to be prepared to continue this from the first day your pup goes home.  I have found a wonderful resource that truly includes everything we have told our puppy parents but in a much better way.   If you are new and looking for a resource...this is it hands down!  Sign up for the puppy updates based on your puppies age!

Ultimate Puppy

Raise a Puppy Culture Dog


We spend countless hours giving our puppies the best start using Puppy Culture protocol and hope that you will invest as much time as we have raising a rock solid puppy!!!!  The link is below and I recommend the following:

GET STARTED WITH PUPPY CULTURE BUNDLE - FOR PUPPY OWNERS (Video On Demand). There are no kickbacks for this recommendation.  What I want is for all the puppies I produce to be OUTSTANDING dogs!!

Puppy culture


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