Process to Purchase a Valley of the Moon Labradoodle


Step One

Call us and ask questions to make sure we are right for you!!!!

Step Two

Complete an application.


Step Three

Once your application has been approved we will notify you.  We want to make sure we are a good team!

Step Four

Place a $250.00 deposit that will go toward the total purchase price of $2500.00.

Normally we wait until the pups are two weeks before accepting deposits but if you are certain you want a puppy from a particular litter you may do so but remember nature is boss.

Step 5

Your name will be placed either by last name or annonomously on the current litter puppy page.  Puppies will be evaluated for temperament  right around 6 weeks.  At that time we would have conversations with our deposit holders about best match.  At this point it is two more weeks until the little one ventures home with you!

Going home or "Gotcha Day"

Puppies will be picked up at 8 weeks.  We know that work and family events and travel happen.  If you cannot pick up your puppy we will happily keep them for up to one week at $25/day.  If your needs go beyond one week then the pup must enter our training program.  The first 16 weeks are CRUCIAL in your puppies development and to left a puppy to its own devices that long is harmful in the overall success the puppy can achieve. Use the link below to find out about our started puppy program.

-If you need someone to transport your pup on the cabin and meet you at your closest airport-ask.  Maybe we can work something out.  It is slightly more expensive than shipping in cargo but much better for the puppy-planning in advance is key to keeping costs down.

-We will ship on individual basis-lets chat!