Guardian Homes

Why do we use them?

This is our girl Djuna who is one of our breeding girls.  She gets to go to the beach and vacation and hiking with her family as an only dog.  We feels this individual attention is so important for our dogs.  If we had all our breeding dogs under one roof...oh boy!  Hormones and squabbles and who knows what else.  When girls are in heat we have to keep them separate which mean kennels and we WON'T do that.  This, for us, is the perfect answer!

Are you interested?

This programs has requirements but we try and make it as easy as possible for the love of dog!


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Additional Information

Guardianship Opportunities

Labradoodle Guardianship is basically having a loving family dog for its entire life that you share with us for breeding purposes. Females are usually bred 3-4 times between the ages of 2 and 6 years. Males are used more often but for shorter time periods and their breeding life can range from 12 months through 7 years. These dogs are beautiful, breeding quality dogs that will go through genetic testing to confirm excellence. The dog lives with its guardian family forever and there is no purchase price.

Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Above average obedience training required
  • Regular professional grooming with a ‘Labradoodle’ type cut every 2 months depending on daily brushing maintenance
  • Regular nail trimming and teeth cleaning
  • Regular vet visits to maintain recommended vaccination schedule-forward vet records to us
  • Constant flea, tick and heart worm prevention as recommended  by you vet (approved by breeder) 
  • Vigilance in determining bitch's heat cycle and timely communication with us
  • Cost of recommended vaccines and other routine veterinary visits
  • High quality pet food-approved by breeder
  • Cost of spay or neuter at end of dog’s breeding career
  • Responsive communication with Valley of the Moon:
    -Able to transport pet within 24 hours to meet owners at a designated Sonoma County location-typically arranged with much more than 24 hour notice.
    -Keep Valley of the Moon updated on dog’s health and vet records
  • Updated photos of dog a few times per year or as requested

Valley of the Moon Responsibilities:

  • Cost of all genetic testing (PennHip or OFA hip, OFA elbows, CERF exams, DNA, inheritable diseases) and breeding specific vet exams (ultrasound for pregnancy, progesterone test, artificial insemination, etc.)
  • Notify guardian of pets expected breeding schedule with as much notice as possible.
  • Cost of housing females during whelping and weaning of pups (approximately 8 weeks)

Click below to read our contract for Guardian Homes.
Click below to read our contract for Guardian Homes.