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Puppy Culture


Please, please, please, if you are going to invest on one thing in this section let it be this.  Most of use are not dog trainers, there is a lot of science behind how to train a dog to create a mutually exclusive harmonious relationship. Jane has put blood, sweat, tears and TONS of experience into this program.  We use it from the neonatal period until your pup goes home so why not continue??  We put dozens and dozens of hours into the protocol and I promise our puppy parents notice!  The link below is the bundle that is perfect for puppy owners.  I get nothing from this recommendation except knowing the puppy we produced is getting the best chance of being all they can be!




This is an absolute MUST in our household with a new puppy.  We cannot have our eyes on the puppy every minute-this is the answer.  Place the playpen in a very central (and usually inconvenient) area.  Put the pup with toys and a bed in here so they are not allowed to partake in undesirable behaviors.  If they whine-no eye contact no reassurance.  When they are settled, praise and pet are in order.  


Reusable Puppy pads/Floor protectors


These fit nicely under the playpen and are reuasble.  The cannot be shredded like the tradional disposable puppy pads so less mess and destructiuve behavior!      EZwhelp 49" Machine Washable, Reusable Pee Pad/Quilted, Fast Absorbing/Waterproof Puppy Training Pad/Housebreaking Absorption Pads


Poochie Bells


Every dog we have and those who come for boarding use these bells hung on our back door.  They are taught in 2-3 days, allows your pet to communicate their need to go to the bathroom and saves accidents!!!  There are many elimination communication methods but for us these work well and are low cost.


Clean Up


Accidents will happen but the best way to potty train is have them happen as few times as possible!!!!  It is a labor of love to potty train correctly but it is SO worth it!


Sonnyridge Dog Potty Station


Your pup has been using this overnight and while indoors since they were 3 weeks old!  This is not meant to be used as their potty routine but as a way to have them go appropriately indoors when they do not have access outside.  We place a disposable puppy pad under the lime green spiky tray to absorb the urine.  Make sure to tuck the edges in well or you just gave them an hour of fun ripping apart the puppy pad!


Training treats


We  use these to train.   The mini size are perfect because you want them to be able to quickly eat it and be ready for the next command..not sit and have a luncheon!  We have yet to have a puppy NOT like this brand.  Petfood Express has a deal you buy 3 get one free or Amazon.


Puppy Food-Good 'ol Costco


We feed our puppies puppy food until about one year old.  There are A LOT of opinion and decision regarding how and what to feed your dog just as there are for us.  When you pick up your puppy from us we will tell you what feeding schedule your puppy is on and give you food for several days.  I have done a ton of research so ask if you have questions!


Dog Food Airtight Container


We use these and they stay on our deck next to our feeding area.  They accommodate a whole bag for dog food, keep the food fresh, deter rodents and small animals and are just easy!  Costco usually has them in the spring for a slightly better price or Amazon but they are a bit pricey in pet food stores.




We believe kennel or crate training is a must.  It gives the dog a safe warm place to call there own when they need a break,  where they can sleep safely and where they can learn to be alone avoiding separation anxiety.  Also helps when they have to go to the vet or a boarding facility as they are used to !  REMEMBER-a crate is NEVER a punishment, it should only be associated with positive things.  I generally cover these with a blanket to create a more den like environment and love that they are collapsible for camping, car travels, etc.


Airline Crate


Another option for kennel.  I like these because they create a more den like feel but they are not collapsible for easy storage. 


Crate Pad


Easy to wash and cozy...make sure to match the correct size with the crate you purchased!


Costco Puppy pads


We use these with the dog potty station to absorb the urine.  See above.


"Place" . The raised dog bed


Another training must!  Teaching a dog to be in their place teaches manners and self control...and your guests will love it when they are not being greeted by a jumping, crazy out of control dog!!!!  having the bolsters on 3 sides deters the pup from coming off of place while they are learning and you use your body in the front as a barrier.  The raised bed without the bolsters are fine too and great from the outdoors! 




Great way to not have a small lake inside your house when your pup has been alone.  We use this with our pups starting at 5-6 weeks.


Dog treat training pouch


I know this seems silly but timing of treats when training a pup is crucial!!!  Having the treats super accessible is key.  Also has a poop bag dispenser because we are all good citizens and clean up after our pups!

Find out more

Poop bags


No explanation needed.


Clicker for training


We use Puppy Culture protocols so your puppy knows this!!  It is used for communication and training.  If you don't know the concept please read up...a GREAT tool!


Grooming comb


This is a must if you want to maintain hat gorgeous Labradoodle coat!  In combination with the slicker brush you use the comb to go through the areas that have been brushed to ensure there are no tangles which lead to matting.  Next step if you don't...shave down which none of us like!


Dremel for nail maintanence


This is how we keep the pups nails trimmed short.  Their nails should never be able to reach the ground!  Regular maintenance keeps the quick short and also keeps them accustomed to the sensation.  We dremel the pups nails starting at around 2 weeks and do it once a week or as needed.  It starts by just have the dremel on next to the to hear the sound.  Then we place the tool on their paws turned off.  Then we turn the dremel on and have it touch their paw for the sensation.  This all happen in week two and by week three they have filed toes nails.  Don't forget the dewclaw!!  SO easy!


Chris Christensen Big G Slicker,


Chris Christensen Big G Slicker, Medium is a big investment but I don't know what we did without it!  What you are giving up for no hair in your house or on your clothes is the need for daily brushing and regular 6-8 week interval grooming.  This brush will get your brushing done in half the time.  


Elk horns for teething/chewing


These are my favorite!  Remember no rawhide or Nylabone ever, at all....can and frequently lead to intestinal obstruction.  I use the split antlers because I like the porous side to "reload" them if you will so your dog will regain interest.  Either soak/simmer them in chicken or beef broth for as long as you see fit or smoother them with peanut butter (remember NO Xylitol) and freeze them for a cold treat.  Make sure you change the size out  as they grow so they do not become a choking hazard! 


Snuffle Mat


Snuffle mats allow you to hid food within the pockets that puts your dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature, encourages natural foraging skills.  Nosework mat satisfy intellectual curiosity. ,Keeps them busy so they don't find other less desirable ways to pass their time (wink, wink barking, destroying, anxiety)




Kongs are great toys to keep them busy as well.  We puree dog food, stuff the Kong and then freeze it.  You can put all kinds of stuff in there, be creative just remember to clean the inside between uses.  We use a baby bottle brush and it works very well.  Again for safety size up not down if you are not sure to avoid choking!


SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy


This plush toy has a pocket to insert the heart thats pulsates like a heart beat and a heat pack to generate warmth.  We have used it with our own pups to aid in litter separation.  Machine washable!  We shipped it to the breeder we got our dogs from and let it  get all mucked up with the litter and mama scent and left it that way for the first week.  If you would like us to do the same we are HAPPY to!


iCalm puppy music


Since 2008, thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the simplified, slow, beautiful classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. We use this system because we are able to change the card for different auditory programs.  Your puppy has been heard the puppy program since their ears began to open.  This has classical music with household sounds behind it.  We watch their response to the noises and increase the volume every few days as long as we see no signs of fear.  It is wonderful to get them accustomed to fireworks, kids noises etc.  There are also apps for phones that do the same thing.  I like that I don't have to leave my phone with them and it is portable so we take it on car rides, to the vet, etc.


gentle leader


The first choice is using Puppy Culture video (Attention if the Mother is the Mother of All Behaviors) which is the foundation for training and loose leash walking.  If you get your pup at 8 weeks you have 8 more to make them a super star with eye contact and behavior!  If you don't manage to accomplish this and pulling on the lead is a problem this is your fix...use them on any dog that pulls because pulling their human is NOT an enjoyable walk!


Sensi-ble harness


Harnesses are not for every dog but this is what Isaac trained with at Bergin University for their service dogs.  The clip goes in front at the chest so if there is any pulling going on it loops them back toward you.  We have many sizes and your pup will grow quickly.  You are welcome to borrow smaller sizes and return them when you are done.  If you invest in one, purchase it for your pups adult size.


long training lead


This training leash is great for teaching your dog recalls. It has the length needed to allow them to wander and ensure your command to come! is obeyed.  Remember dogs should never be left off leash outside an enclosed area until they prove reliable recall!!!


Callidornia Collar Co.


Handcrafted, gorgeous collars out of LA.  I LOVE them but it is a guiklty pleasure and not necessary.  Their leather is butter soft and work is excellent.  Great customer service as well.  Tip...wait until you pup is full grown.  Above is the Diego which we have and LOVE.  We have the matching leash and can't wait to design my own once our Dane is full grown!