C litter BornJune 11, 2019

Mama - Lucky Me's Willow


Standard (53 pound) multigenerational  Labradoodle

Papa - Lucky Me's Cowboy


Standard (50 pound) multigenerational Labradoode

Current Reservations as of 2-18-19

  1. Lucky Me-Cricket
  2. VOM-Coco
  3. VOM-Cash
  4. SV-Catt
  5. KB-Cosmo
  6. MC-Casper
  7. AD-Cuba
  8. SL-Cowgirl
  9. NP-Cypress
  10. Colt -AVAILABLE


Willow & Cowboy June 11, 2019

Willow and Cowboy welcome 10 blond and apricot babies.  6 girls and 4 boys born in 5 hours and 20 minutes!!!  They will be standard multigenerational labradoodles with adult weights of approximately 50 pounds.  We are so excited for these pups.  This pairing promises to bring out of this world temperaments which as many of you know is what our program goal is...healthy dogs who are bred to be companions.  We will be offering one started puppy from this litter.  The information is above or please ask if you have questions about this program